Keep sound meditations!

I went on a sound journey this evening. Something about sound meditation keeps drawing me in. I experienced it for the first time in person last week with Abigal and when she invited us to join her virtually, I couldn’t resist. See the past week has been extremely hectic, workwise. I have been in revision mode, revising what maybe the grant of my life. I know I have written so many grants, but this one solidifies my calling public health wise. We submitted it last year in the middle of a very hectic personal experience. It was reviewed and scored really great for a first submission. So I knew I had no choice but to revise. Revisions are the worst. I would rather not revise a grant that go through reviewers comments. I have so many that will never ever be revised because I hate revisions. But I knew with this grant I had no choice. So I have been in revision mode for over a month and let’s just say crunch time is now, as the grant is due on Monday. I finished revising the grant this morning, sent it off to my colleagues and spent the rest of my day literally doing nothing. Sure there were other meetings and things to do, but my brain was toasted. I spent the day shopping for spring items for the kids, spring items for the house, and not even spring items for myself. Just others. Then I got snack the kids could have for their movie night, picked them off from school, made dinner and sent them off to watch a movie just so I could join Abigail on her sound meditation retreat. About 10 minutes before the meditation, I began to experience a migraine headache. I never really get them and so now I knew the meditation was on. I got prepared, joined the Zoom meeting and shared briefly what I hoped to gain. Something about receiving from the universe, but also letting my light out and being the best of myself. Then we moved over to Youtube as the acoustics are much better she noted. It was. I was transported almost immediately to sounds coming from so many places, from myself too. As I soon as I surrendered to the sounds of the Himalayan singing bowls and Shruti box, the flute and the Chinese gong, my universe started to open up. Clarity began to pour in. I received it wholeheartedly. Visions of myself, my hopes and dreams too. Storytelling, healing, people, the love of my life, my kids, those I want to help because I am destined to and those I may lose along the journey. Either way, I was transported to a mindful aspect of myself. One where with every fiber of my being, I know that I am truly grateful and blessed. Keep sound meditations.

Abigail is so powerful in her sound meditation zone. I highly recommend. Peep the Shruti box, the flute, gong behind her and the Himalayan singing bowls. LLC


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