Keep meatpies!

We are how we live. How we bake too, like meat pies made in love. How we dream, how we hope, through thick and thin plus time. I choose your eternity. Choose your smiles too. Something about the power of you. Keeps me smiling. Like how we smiled today. How I hope we smile tomorrow and eternity.

Big smiles full of joy. 

For pies full of meat, full of potatoes, full of love, full of you. All of you. Your smile, like blue skies, brings joy, brings light, brings goodness, brings life, for things as simple as baking. I encounter this love, time and time again, everything we bake. I feast in your love. This love I name, that glimmers with each pie we make, begins with you. As the meat pies rise, so must we. All of us who choose to keep this joy, for meat pies made with love. What we did today, is all that counts. Through meat pies, laughter, flour in disarray, but love as we know it, our way is the real mood. I am loving us, through meat pies, the source of our joy. Keep them with your kids.

Spring time picnics have begun


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