Keep Springtime gardening

My dad had a garden in the front of our home in Nigeria. He planted hibiscus flowers and aloe Vera plant. He loved the natural ingredients nestled within them. He made the most exquisite juices with them. Memories of the garden always flood my mind during Spring. We are getting ready to begin our gardening this year. I am praying winter is fully gone. I hope to reconnect once more to the memories of my father, walk in his footsteps this Spring as I connect my children back to the earth, and now teach them how to garden. See images from our garden last year below. We had peonies, African greens, garden eggs and cucumbers last year. Happy Springtime gardening.


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  1. Your garden and your baby look beautiful! Happy spring gardening this year! I always seem to miss some of the early spring planting that has to go in the ground by a certain timeline.. ugh
    Hoping for more spring planting timeliness this year 🤞

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