Keep trust like children!

We all know trust is hard. It evades. Drowns in oceans and disappears. It’s steady if you have it. Old people seek it. Young people ignore it. But children elevate it, create new possibilities with it. Even if they are drowning. They trust they’ll never sink. Not when the ocean loves them back. To know it can never be shaken. To feel it never move. To see it surround them just as deep and as wide as oceans is to stand erect in love. I have lived too long with children who know trust. When I speak of trust, they speak of love. We stand together, erect.

One of the highlights of Spring break last week was climbing trees at a park close to our home. I watched as my children trusted the tree to hold them despite its crumbling state. They kept climbing till they could climb no more, trusting the tree would keep them erect. It did. I admire that about children. They go around keeping their trust in things and people they know who keep their best interest in mind. They are like those who trust in the Lord, those whose trust is like Mount Zion, never shaken or moved. Children are a a gift from God. A real blessing if you stop to observe how they make sense of life. I am doing so everyday and like them, I long to be like Mount Zion. Never shaken or moved. No matter what life throws my way. If you know my story, you would know my foundation begins with trust. I thank my children for giving me this reminder. I hope you keep it.

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