Keep blooming in Spring like Callery Pear Tree!

I hear you are very persistent. Prone to reinvade even when removed. I hear you are highly resilient. Thick dense branches push out others who compete with you for water, soil, space, sun. I hear some call you invasive. Birds love your fruit, spread your seeds and you rise up unbidden again. But I see you bloom in spring. Early spring in clusters of white rounded flowers that stay close together. Like us. We may be persistent, resilient, invasive even, but still, like callery trees, we stay close together, blooming together.

They past week has been rough. Tough too for multiple reasons. I persisted though. Became resilient for what I knew was coming. In the end, many will not understand. Some may question commitment. All I can say is that Spring is my season. And the plans he has in store for me requires that I persist, remain resilient and become invasive. We are literally on the cusp of changing the world. And all of that like being a callery pear tree is required.

Our Callery Pear Tree is starting to bloom.


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