Keep knowing that we are all storytellers!

I see things differently with each passing day. I know things differently too. Where one thing stands, another thing will stand right beside it. That was Achebe’s thing. I get that. Also that the storyteller is the eagle’s feather. It’s all he spoke about. I am also seeing that our focus on certain things like publications as settings and backdrops of life, impact, call it what you want, eliminates the connections we make with each other, our community. I entered scientific writing at my own peril. I have know it’s headache for too long that I pity the next generation stuck in its ways. I see it traps them in it ways. Makes a mockery of them into thinking they own its ways. But academia will always be academia, always prepared to choke you and spit you out if you do not know who you are. I do. I have always know that I am my grandmother’s child, a fierce persister when all things fail. It’s in my DNA to never give up. It’s how I was literally formed. So if you want to know why I do this work, don’t waste time trying to guess. Come close and I may tell you. I also may not because I feel sorry for you. Feel sorry that all you see is what you think you see. If only you know the legions guiding my feet, then you would know that he alone knows the plans and of course they are good. Perhaps change will come and nothing will distort all we know about writing for the public. Nothing will also stand in the way of how we connect with them too. We could also pick our pens and write. Why not, when we are all storytellers. And this business I am in now, demands that we all do, not just the experts, everyone whether 5 years old or 85 years old. Everyone is an expert storyteller of their own health. You owe it to humanity to connect with your stories.

Everything and everyone have stories to tell

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