Keep Easter for you!

All of it, the death, the rising is for you. Insanity came along and condemned the one who loved you to death. Sanity ran out ahead and still you talked of death. Whether insane or sane, the grave, the rising, and everything in between was still for you.

There is a passion for survival more poignant on Easter. I imagine it’s because we journeyed with him from his death to his rising. Left the place of agony in search of the sanity of rising from the death. Though we know the dead remain silent forever. We call ourselves sane. Not only with mourning the end of a lifetime but becoming inspired to seek heaven with the rolling of great stones. What many crave for with this day has never been mine. I know he rose for the dead today. I marvel at this feat. But what always keeps me in awe is how people didn’t see him walking among them even as he rose from the grave. The grave did not inspire still. His life is still not an inspiration for many. People have always being the living source of all that is good about today. They transcend even death on the cross or rising from the grave. I am drawn to that insight. The idea of today being for many who still doubt that he lived let alone died or rose again for us. His rising takes on a new meaning always, that should be stated over and over again beyond today. All of it, the death, the rising, is about you.

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