Keep knowing that false foundations never last!

Symptoms cannot disappear until the cause is cured. That’s what Zora Neale Hurston once noted when she asked why be crazy for democracy. The symptoms of any decision to overturn abortions will not disappear until the reasons are first addressed. Abortion isn’t illegal. It never has been, not now or never. What they did was address the symptom, by that I mean safe abortion. The reasons why women want safe abortion are plentiful and just because you make the symptoms go away, doesn’t mean abortions will go too. The symptoms of todays decisions will not disappear, not when a woman’s decision to do whatever with her body, belongs to her in the first place. That’s the keep for today. If only, judges will not lie under oath for the sake of power. As for me, like Zora and all the women I know, we are committed to the cause. I see no point in arguing about the decisions around the symptom when lives of underrepresented women and girls are at stake. The symptoms can change and will change easily when we all vote. We just witnessed grown people who lied that it was the law of the land change what they claimed was the law of the land. That means every law of the land is subject to change. Witness the easy scraping of contraceptives, same sex marriage and anything else they feel is necessary to seal their power. Zora also noted that anything with a false foundation will never last. Even the decisions they made today will change one day. Until then, vote like your body depends on it. If you are a mother, especially to young girls, it does.

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