Keep doing what you love!

Do what you love. Do it even if it hurts. Do it through tears. Do it through your fears. Do it through questions. Do it out of a need to just simply do it. Do it to move from this present state you find yourself in to a higher level. Do it out of curiosity. Do it even if it seems out of reach. Do it to one day teach. Do it if your soul desires. Do it even if it’s feels like fire. Do it as if you will never do it again. Do it until all you hope transpires.

I’m in a nimble space in life these days. If I don’t love it. I won’t do it. I picked up beading making. Yes in the middle of all the work I have to do. The list is extensive and well I wanted to try something different. Exercise a different part of my brain if you will. There was a time I was obsessed with beadmaking. Wrote a grant for it to even though nothing came out of it. I come back to beads because I really do it out of love. Beads are like a silent witness in my life. Making any style, with my own hands always leaving me feeling blessed, less stressed and well amazed at what my hands are able to do. I just started this piece and I already made mistakes. But I will keep beading it until the end out of love and curiosity as to the final outcome.

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