Keep change at the last minute!

Change happens in the last minute. I saw it for myself tonight during a UFC fight. Champions are made at the last minute too. 56 seconds till the end. I am not a fan of UFC. Never actually watched a fight until tonight. Two Black men were fighting. One Nigerian, another a Jamaican-born, British guy. The Nigerian Kamaru Usman was leading the first four rounds. We all expected him to win. Then at 4.04, with 56 minutes left, Leon Edwards, used his leg and well, Usman landed on the floor, a clear knockout per the rules of the game. We were all stunned.

I learnt something important though that matters for grant writing. Anything can be changed. Even at the last minute. Anything. And change just maybe the thing that propels you to victory. The goal though, is to stay in front or ahead of that thing that will lead to change for you. If you are going to draft a well-written grant, if it is going to be bold, ambitious, with scary goals focused on changing the world, then you must be prepared to change everything even at the latest minute. I learnt that watching this fight tonight. I intend to keep change at the last minute.

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  1. Yes indeed for like my grandfather would always quote @ then only constant about life is change”. I am a believer ! And now as you scripted even last minute changes can bring the victory .


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