Keep stitches along the way!

Some things help us to keep life as is. Things like a visit to an emergency room for the same cuts, same stitches too. Life forces us to continue, things planned and unplanned, those that depleted and those that persist. How many have stopped when tracks lead to places unwanted. This past weekend demanded I continue life as is, continue with a second trip to the ER, all within 24 hours. I could either complain or continue with my day as if an ER visit for two days were part of the original plan. I didn’t complain and went on with my day. I attended meetings I could attend, tended to my boy while the stitches were placed and replaced. Somethings truly cause us too continue life as is.

We spent two days at the ER back to back with my son. On day 1, which was last Friday, we went to stitch a massive gash he had on his chin. The next morning, he pulled out his bandaid and all the stitches came right out. The gash was open and so back to the ER we went. At the end of day 2 and nearly 10 stitches later, what I admired most was my son’s ability to go on too as if, he didn’t just get 2 sets of stitches within a 24 hour span. I initially didn’t plan to keep this. In fact I skipped it entirely. But I am coming back to keep it because of the simple lessons it gave. With life, some things will take you down a path unplanned. You can either complain or continue to meet life however you find it. I choose to meet life as is, through ups and downs, and impossible places, it takes, stitches and all.

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