Keep Nkiruka!

I have always loved the name Nkiruka. The idea that what’s in the future is greater keeps me grounded. There are of course those who don’t believe in the possibilities of tomorrow. Those too who prefer the trappings of today. Certain aspects of life demand that we wait. Not for greater glory or for its heroic aspects. Yet I don’t want to dwell on this. The raw experience that tomorrow brings, the feelings and reality too it exposes, the flicker, the hope, even the mere vital hint of the will to persist, the confrontation, the commitment, the confusion, connections that unfold in the silence of lingering doubts and uncertainties, the waxing too and waning of moons, this restless truth that tomorrow is certain but today is soon enough is why names like Nkiruka matters to keep. Keep, keep the future. It matters for today. And for a friend named Nkiru who gets to finally begins her match towards tomorrow. We are grateful God.

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