Keep the public in public health!

What public health does not need, is people unwilling to exact the truth. Those unable to look beyond the mirror, to illuminate life for those we serve. So these words are not written to impress. Not even written to note all the ways we let the public down. Rather we will put people back into the center. Lines will speak of the ways the public participated. Moments when voices pierced the silence around. Those that led gently to light. Those that exposed the wounds of injustice. We have tried to communicate. The public would rather conquer. We pounded consultation to a pulp. The public mocked the lumps of sugar in our throats. Sweet words never led to basic needs. Not yesterday or tomorrow. So we ask now that the public participate. However they see fit. Moments of despair. Those of hope. Whatever the public wants we will try though broken or whole. We only ask that you watch us closely. There is hope still preserved in things full of light.

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