I retreated from the world this week.

I retreated to find peace and rest.

Upon my return,

the infinity of chaos,

pandemic lessons in vain,

the fate of humanity,

a cloud of gloom,

piercing dark skies

unimaginable reality,

for old and young

all have me at loss for words.

Even now,

Nothing, can describe,

why we fail to learn

the lessons of hate.

If only I could retreat once again.

To the stillness of time, again.

I am gliding into 2022 with an undying commitment to simplicity. Like bundles of sticks, I intend to find strength with those that choose to stand together with me. It’s a commitment after all and you are either in or out as I follow my star. I am also prepared to endure all that life throws along the way in 2022. Like chaos. I went into Christmas Day for example prepared for the chaos of a merry day. Like heads without bodies, I watched as my kids rambled through all they got. Watched as the chaos continues to unfold through the holidays where all work ways are banned. I remember my dad and the look of content on his face this time of the year. Joyful that it is now my turn to observe his contentment with how merry days with chaos end. With kids of my own. I miss my dad terribly. And in 2022, I intend to find beauty in chaos like the three wisemen did with Christ.