I am in love with yellow daylilies. They started blooming this week at the back of our home. Naturally I was drawn to their colors. Something about yellow flowers in the middle of scorching summer heat was calming to me. Daylilies scientifically are known as Hemerocallies. Hemero for ‘day’ and Callis for ‘beauty.’ In essence they are considered ‘beauty for a day.’

Yellow daylilies

So for each of the yellow daylilies I spotted, their beauty lasted for a day. These flowers go through their life cycle knowing that their essence would last only for a day. Although new buds on the flowers stalk open daily and a stalk can remain in bloom for an entire month, still every single opened flower lasts a day. Imagine going through life, knowing that your essence is for a day, what would you do? I would personally live out my day in communion with my community, and surrounded by all things that nurture and nourish my soul. Like my children. Toni Morrison’s words ‘Does your face light up when you see your children’ will be my mantra that day and I will do as Ben Okri asked by ‘infecting that day with light.’

Each daylily last a day, with new buds blooming daily.

Daylilies seem to know that. They seem to spend their day infecting the world with light. Your face lights up as soon as you see them. Their brilliant yellow will draw you in for a hello. These fascinating flowers are truly an invitation to light. Like yesterday’s post, they are in the business of being light if only for a day. It’s almost like each new bud that blooms begins their journey full of possibilities, ready for an explosion or an inner liberation of their light, pressing forward too for a moment which they know is fleeting. Pressing forward for a moment that lasts a day. I am inspired. Rather than dwelling on that fact, every release of their inward light, the brightest of yellows is for us. Every release of their light is for us to slow down. Every release helps you and I see the world differently, appreciate the world differently, while basking in our connections together. That they are willing to give this much light to us, even during scorching heat, for a day, is powerful keep worth sharing today. If you only have one day, use it by being daylilies. Infect the world with your light even if for a moment and let your beauty for the day last so long as your live. This is a keep worth passing along too. Life is truly short. Be like daylilies.

She called it the tree of life. In the middle stood a Tiger. It was surrounded by symbols that personify life. Like green palm fronds and an orange pumpkin. Green jumping frogs and a colorful butterfly. A green turtle stood at the bottom of the picture. A purple snake encircled the tiger’s head. The imagery was as vibrant as it was perplexing. Why would all these animals huddle together in an image called the Tree of life? We forget how easily we are all connected she said. All of us are connected to each other. We forget how we need each other too. How this need can become a powerful lure, helping us to endure, all that life offers made sense to my thoughts. That my daughter’s Tree of Life can become a powerful metaphor for life is my keep for today. That and the fact that we need each other.

Tree of Life

The animals get it. Even plants understand this. To hear this desire from a nine year old too is powerful. What is there possibly left for us to do except to embrace all that life has to offer, including our connections to others. Once we accept our connection, maybe then we can start living, knowing that nothing, can have power over us, if connected to us. So from now on, I am meeting people as they are, figuring the connections we have, so that as we bid our time together, we will both equally thrive magnificently like my daughter’s Tree of life.