The wind is changing and Black women are organizing. A little over a week ago, Black women helped change the course of history as we know it in Georgia. Let that sink in for a moment or two. Black women helped to change the course of history, in Georgia by electing the first Black and the first Jewish Senators from the state. The wind is changing that even the air shivers from the possibilities of the organizing Black woman, the radiant one, committed to collective power, and focused on you. Keep her thoughts in mind.

Nse Ufot and Stacey Abrams

That we were robbed of celebrating this last week is a reminder to also keep the burden of our hope and impediments alive. For even in victory, even when we survive, our silence is still eloquent, not in anger, but that dust your sleeves up, get back to work mentality and reminder of how even our victory remains in eminent danger. Here we had adults, great women like Nse Ufot and Stacey Abrams handling the real problems of voter suppression, working tirelessly through the recount to give the country the victory we have all been waiting for since the presidential election. They organized in ways history would be proud of. If voting is about controlling one’s country, if it is about breaking the cycle that renders “we the people” powerless in our own democracy, if it is truly about giving voice back to the people, then Georgia made me proud last week and Black women, once again saved the day. The winds are changing and Black women, somewhere are behind the clouds, blowing them in the directions of justice, the direction of equality, the directions even of love for each other. We still have a long way to go but for now keep whatever the Black woman thinks.