When I was leaving UNESCO, I bought books that I knew I would not find anywhere else. Bouba and Zaza collection series created as part of UN Decade of Education and Sustainable Development (2005-2014) were among the books I bought. One particular edition that my children and I love to read explores why we need to protect our planet and what children themselves can do. From simply respecting nature, to turning off lights when not in use or turning of taps properly so water does not drip down, Bouba and Zaza notes that every little bit counts.

When children have daily opportunities to care for the planet, they learn nurturing behaviors that in turn can help them as they interact with their peers and people in general. Environmental issues are crucial topics to discuss and the time to have conversations with children is now. Learning about the environment teaches how children can and should save the planet. Learning about the environment fosters a sense of wonder and deep understanding of how the environment works. Learning about the environment enables children to take action to improve it.

In our household every little bit counts. We walk barefoot in the grass or sand so they feel the environment directly on the soles of their feet. We explore the environment everything we visit the Saint Louis Forest Park, one of the largest parks in the US. Forest Park is a beauty and I appreciate how hard the park works to enhance the beauty and wonder of nature to children (more on our exploration of the park in future posts). My daughter is also in charge of our household recycling bin. She takes her role seriously as she should. She also expresses herself creatively on what we all can do to heal the planet. Bouba and Zaza did their part to encourage other kids to keep the planet clean. My kids and I are doing our part to protect the planet.