Exactly one year ago today, we closed on our home. The experience seems hazy now looking back as it was at the beginning of a pandemic and I was expecting a new baby. Looking back, we didn’t do all the things people do when they purchase new homes. There were no housewarming or gathering of our families together to see the home. We didn’t move into the home until six months later. Some of that was due to the renovations we made prior to the move. It was extensive, but totally worth it. We changed the walls from an off white color to blue. Lots and lots of blue. We kept things from the home as is, like the gold colored chandelier the prior owners originally had and the large vanity mirror that lined one of the rooms and a guest bathroom.

February 2020, the moment we made an offer.
December 2020, the day we moved.

The renovations were more of a facelift in most places but totally worth it. When we moved in on the 23rd day of December, about one month and a half later, a massive winter storm hit our area. We were the direct recipients of it. It busted a pipe in the middle of our brand new kitchen and to say we were overwhelmed is an understatement. But God always has the last laugh. This time we lived in our home for over 1 month and a half as we began another daunting task to renovate. We uprooted everything from the kitchen and most of the basement. By the time we were done, the home was restored to its normal conditions thanks to our contractor who worked tirelessly to ensure things were back to normal.

The initial attempts at restoration.

The past year has been full of so many ups and downs and ups with this home, one that I would not trade anything else for it. One of the things the prior owners told us when we bought the home is that it would bring all the luck we need in the same way it did for them. They called it their lucky home. I agree. This home is lucky to us in all sense of the word. It keeps giving gifts that I will forever treasure, one of which is the endless array of flowers and trees that surround the home. We are so blessed and consider this a manifestation of Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 in our lives. For our God alone knows the plans he has for us. Plans to bring us prosperity and not disaster. Plans to bring about the future we hope for. He did so with this home and I look forward to all the many plans he still has in store for us.

We love all our many shades of blue.

We stopped by our old house to clean up. The past couple of days since we moved have been emotional. This was the first home we bought and literally built from the ground up when we first moved to Saint Louis. It will forever hold a special place in my heart especially given the pandemic. It was here after-all that we encountered our beautiful struggle with homeschooling. When we got to my daughters room where all her homeschooling occurred, I couldn’t help but feel emotional. This room got us through some tough times and the hand drawn pictures on the wall were my favorite.

I recall choosing joy when homeschooling in the room started in the fall. As we cleaned the house up, my daughter and I, one room after the other, our emotions were joyful. Joy for every corner swept. Joy for every room cleaned. Joy for every box filled, every trash picked. Joy for this home, our first. When we stopped cleaning for the day, and packed our belongings to head to the new home, our joy remained. Though the days in this old house are numbered, we still choose and keep joy, for it will always be the first home we bought.

The idea of two men and a truck is simply stunning to me. The name, the concept, reminds me of the book Made to Stick, or why some ideas die while others survive. Two men and a truck is sticky because the concept is understandable, memorable, even effective with convincing every day people the 2 men and a truck can get the job done with your moving needs. They can. As a very recent customer, they were sterling. Two men and a truck lived up to my expectations. They calmed my moving anxieties and helped moved my old home to my new home with care. Everything was moved without me even knowing when they started and when they ended. They are that good. Forever grateful. Keep two men and a truck in mind whenever you move. They truly care about helping you move with ease. They did for me.

After 10 months of planning, my family and I moved to our new home yesterday. The start of the week was anxiety filled but by the time our two men and a truck helped move us from the old home to the new home, the anxiety I was feeling started to dissipate. In it’s place were emotions. Good ones, of dreams I had for myself 10, even 20 years before and compared to my today. A lot can happen in 20 years. I’ll give anything to tell my 20 year old self to relax. Nkiruka or according to the Igbo people of Nigeria, what is ahead is greater. As I looked through our new home yesterday, and I slept in it for the first time, I realized that I was literally living a dream come through, a vision manifested, in all the glory and light, so much light and happiness for the world to see. Keep believing in your dreams, they are greater than you can ever imagine. I promise to reflect on the house one day.

When we finally arrived to our new home.