It was Lorraine Hansberry that said once to a friend that she wished to live because life has within it that which is good, that which is beautiful and that which to love. Therefore since she has known all of these things, she has found them to be reason enough and so she wished to live. As I reflect on these words, I too realize that I wish to live, not only for that which is good, that which is beautiful and that wish is love. I want all of that, but to them I also add that I wish to live to know that which is joy. I see it in my baby’s eye every times our eyes connect. More than love alone, there is unbridled joy when 2 minds connect, 2 souls connect. Slowly, every word spoken and unspoken are our way of knowing, an extension of myself beyond myself, as told by the joy we both have for each other. I wish to live to bask in this joy forever, to sustain each other, and continue to remain with each other long after our space on earth. Yesterday, we remembered my father who passed away 12 years ago on January 23rd. Here was a man for whom his joy for me had no limit. I saw it always in his eyes and in the ways he spoke and uplifted me. He would tell me the world was mine for the taking, take it and go as far as you can. I miss him terribly. I see him still this time through my children. Their eyes share the joy my father gave to me as a little girl and because of them, I wish to live to know this joy always. Joy to me, along side, all that is good, all that is beautiful and all that is love are reasons enough to live. And like Lorraine, I wish to live.

The world lost a gem, a treasure, a queen, who lent her gifts to all through her art. Cicely Tyson lived to the fruitful age of 96 and spent it all living. She passed away yesterday and from all the tributes I keep reading about her, she was indeed a gem. She loved having long talks with those she loved. She treated them all as if they were her own and to all of them they too felt like she was theirs.

Rest in Perfect Peace Ms. Cicely.

One of the best videos I saw about her was one where she was talking to you, a queen. I watched the video stunned. I was captivated by her words that I had to same them back to myself as if she was talking directly to me. If your watch the video you will understand what I mean. She reminded the queen in me about how I constantly raise the bar, doing it flawlessly. She told me to keep being true to myself. It’s the one thing that remains. That and knowing my roots. She told me how important it is to always remember where I come from. But in the end and if I fall, I should fall with grace. The best part of the video, the one that I intend to keep firmly in my heart, is the portion where she shared the following; ‘there is a sweet justice is knowing that the path that you are on was designed just for you and only you.’ It was the reminder that I needed, the blessed assurance of a life well-lived on your terms. Keep living like Cicely, keep it and no matter what, know that with life you are on your own path, designed exclusively for you. Heaven has truly gained one fine treasure with her passing. But for us still here, all I can say is keep living and like Cicely. See the video below and treasure it too.