Brene Brown in her book ‘Daring Greatly,’ defined love, not as something you give or get, but as something you nurture and grow. She noted that it’s a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them–we can only love others as much as we love ourselves. To be among fathers, to celebrate them today and always, is to be in love.

I think about fathers a lot on days like today. My own for example. I wonder what he would think about me. Did I live up to his hope and dreams? Did I master the thing called education as he would want? Do I still talk to much as he would have chided? He was truly a giant in my life and days like today reminds me of his unconditional love for my many warm, joyful and even annoying ways. He is truly missed. Side note, that I am obsessed with books is because he gladly gifted me money to buy them. Our favorite thing to do growing up was to buy novels for me to read.

I also think of all the men in my life that are Fathers starting with my heart’s delight, my soul’s content, my peace. Zobam is truly God’s gift on earth, not just to our family but to every person with stroke. Some of the procedures he performs makes me stand in awe of God. Of course it impinges a lot on many family activities, but because of him and his skills, others can still have their dads.

Gifted him this Blue Angels (in my dreams of course) given his love for airplanes

I think about the little girl for example, who got her dad back because of him and gave him life saver candies to thank him. I think about another Dad, just this weekend who after 5hours and 30 minutes of surgery on Friday, is fine and seeing his family today thanks to his skills. What they may not know was that we were on the way to the water park. We were also 10 minutes away when we had to turn around and rush him to the hospital because of that Dad. He sacrificed his time with his family so another Dad could be here today. I think about that a lot always, but today it hits home. He is our Father, not because he loves us, but because God loves him more. And through him, he can bring healing, not just to his family, but to many other families that he comes across.

Which is why silver and gold will never do for him. No amount of gifts will do. We try our best to surround him with airplanes as they make him happy, like our trip often to the Blue Angels replica at Forest Park. We also offered and surrounded him with prayers. Psalm 20 for example, a perfect prayer of victory over his life. That on a day like today and always, he would rise and stand firm as he brings healing to people. He is God’s chosen king and all his heart’s desires will be answered always. We are forever blessed to call him ours and for today and always, we celebrate him as our Father. Happy Father’s Day my Zobam.

We had a major appointment scheduled for 1pm yesterday. We have been waiting for this day for awhile. Yesterday morning, after he had gone to work, I texted my hubby to remind him of the appointment. He texted back that 1pm would be impossible as he had a surgery then. But then if we moved it to 3pm, for sure he would make it. I remembered that school ends at 3pm so I sent an email to move the meeting to 3:30pm. All parties agreed. And so we waited for 3pm. Prior to the start of his surgery, my hubby texted that I should wish him luck as this was a tough case. I texted quickly that luck is always on his side given his name which when translated to English means Gods saves. In fact, he was living out his name, a pure manifestation of why the names we give our children matter for their journey through life. With a name like Chizoba, he literally is being God’s servant on earth. Nonetheless by 3pm I didn’t hear from him. I started to go to our appointment and texted that I hoped he was on his way. No response. I called and his nurse picked up the call. My heart sank. When they do, it often means everything is canceled. She said he was in the middle of the surgery still and this case was proving more difficult than it seems. I immediately thanked her and proceeded to let the folks we were meeting know that an alternative arrangement would be needed. Right as I was finalizing the call, my hubby called and said today was impossible. He would have to cancel the meeting as he is still in surgery. I said no problem that I was taking care of it. I did as best as I could and finally moved the meeting to next week. I let him know that it was moved and went on with the evening.

Like most families with doctors, I forgot to ask how they surgery went. Until this morning. I remembered as he was getting ready to go to work and he showed me this card he received from work. “It always seem impossible” the card read ‘until it’s done.’ Despite how difficult the case was, how deep the clot was in the brain of his patient, with a surgery lasting over 4 hours, today, this morning, she is talking and doing fine. I stood in awe. God truly saves when you are his. The card went on to state that ‘it was the one to make you shine. Never give up.’ That’s the keep for me today. Things will always seem impossible until it’s done. And when they are done, that thing which seemed so impossible may just be the one to make you soar. If you know the week I had this week putting a proposal of a lifetime, something that seemed so impossible, you will understand why my hubby story, this story resonates deeply with me. Keep knowing that it may always seem impossible until it’s done. And when it’s done, you will shine.