I read the other day that as our knowledge grows, we become less open to new ideas, new ways of thinking, new ways of behaving, even new ways of being. We are intrinsically connected to the old. Something about comfort, ease, experience, makes us want to stick with the familiar rather than exploring new terrains or new opportunities. I must confess here that I like old things. They make sense to me, the familiar. New, especially new ideas that are demanding from the beginning are a turnoff. I made the mistake to sign up for something new the other day. A huge mistake. The ideas were too much to wrap my head around. Not that I didn’t think there were some valid points, just honestly not for me. And that’s ok. I shouldn’t have to apologize for not trying new things, especially when they are not for me.

But still, I have since learnt the having a lot of knowledge, even if it’s of things old can be a dangerous thing. Research suggests that ‘the very fact that older learners know more may make it more difficult for them to learn something new.’ I agree. That is why my keep today is short and a reminder to myself to keep staying open minded and learn something new, even if I prefer things old or familiar.