We are back in full work mode. I am tired already. I long for rest. Doing nothing for a while is truly healing for the soul. Something I never knew I needed until I was forced to not work. But since I returned this week, just seeing my inbox has been overwhelming. I decided to focus on what I can control. Focus on things and spaces that bring joy. I am in the business of surrounding myself with joy and all the things likely to restore my soul. I came across a retreat for ambitious mothers. I am literally one in the making. I am signing up too. Something about a courageous perseverance, meaningful dialogue, storytelling and restorative care has me screaming sign me up. If you can, come along to this. It just may be the rest your soul needs in 2022. It’s the one I know I need and I am going for the courage and perseverance plus storytelling of course. Sign up here: https://www.iamsummit.org