Keep being true, keep being you!

The enterprise of being you, a complete individual, unique in your own way and in your own thoughts starts with being complete. I am complete on my own and in my own terms. This is the lesson for today. Keep being complete. It’s a lesson I learnt after looking at an assignment my daughter completed for school. Her teacher asked her to make a coat of arms, something to illustrate what makes her completely unique, in her own way. My daughter focused on four words: Be True, Be You. I smiled. She is indeed my child.

Not only does she love her home and ice-cream and her tablet and bunnies, she reminded herself about the significance of being true to her complete being. The significance of being whatever she wants, so long as she stays true to herself. I am learning even from my daughter how to keep being true to myself, the power of being me. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes I am not. Focusing on my parenting and productivity requires a shift in priorities. A shift even with when to stay silent and when to survive. The point of every keep is to never solve a problem. But instead, they are big reminders to myself to do as my daughter suggests and keep being true, keep being me, on my own terms. I am complete when I am me. I hope you would learn from this bright 8 year old and do the same.

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