Keep knowing your Dharma!

What is your Dharma? It’s the one question Jay Shetty asks in his book ‘Think like a Monk.’ What is that thing you are good at? The thing that agitates you, helps you thrive, keeps you grateful or helps you serve others meaningfully. That thing that is a sprinkle of passion with some skills and purpose?

I am finally getting a sense of that thing for myself. It has taken a while to get here, but I know with little doubt what I am called to do. It is everything that I am. How stories bring me closer to my most authentic, confident and powerful self.

This morning I was asked to review a small grant for a new scholar seeking funds for their research. I had four kids to shuttle to summer camps. I managed to get their things ready, shoved them to Dad to do the running around and then joined the meeting a little late. I asked to go next as this was my first review and I wanted to get the flow first from others before I came on. I listened as Reviewer 1 did a splendid job. Then I came on and spoke from my heart. My take was there was no heart to the application. What’s your story? Why should I care? Sure you did a great job putting this together? But nothing sticks and well I have other things to do. I found myself stating back all I teach in my grant writing class. I stopped and let other reviewers give their feedback. One audience member sent a direct message to me thanking me of the way I explained this. I was taken aback at first because this is all I know. Then it hit me, it’s your Dharma. Not the idea of grant writing itself, but more for people to anchor all they do in the stories they want to tell.

Everything I need for this journey with this next phase of my life is already in me. I marveled at how I can rush four kids off to their activities for the day and jump on any call and speak from my heart as to the heart of the matter for them. My dharma is already in me. It has always been with me. It is woven into my being and I intend to keep my mind and soul open to let it announce itself always in this new season I find myself in. Find and keep your Dharma.

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