Keep a collective love with children!

A collective love for children by children gives me hope. It’s my musing for today. My daughter shared a picture below with me the other day. It’s the way she looks everyday for school. Her deep red sweater was captured so vividly with her purple glasses brightly sitting on her face. The tie dye details of the mask she wears made me smile. Everything was sterling. This love through art is inspiring especially when the giver was one of her classmates. Being a new kid in a new school can be tough but this friend saw her long enough to make a drawing for her with details so accurate that it can only be love. A collective one. It is truly bold and I was elated. Kids can be light to each other if only they see each other. They can be love too if only they know it and be it. Her friend has been tremendously gracious of her time, her recess, even her art. To be this young and see the light in each other gives me hope that our’s children future will be bright if only they know so. Their future can be love, if only they remain so. I am compelled to do something about this love. Not because of my daughter but because I want more children to know love, to be it and to share it. I want more children to know that there are people rooting for them too in love. A collective love if you will. A collective love that knows no limits or boundaries. A collective love that overcomes all hurdles or despair. A collective love that shines forth like a light under a lamp that cannot be hidden. A collective love full of warmth, and support and unafraid to let children know that they are truly blessed and can leap anywhere. We are also hoping on them to pave the way for us in this world full of despair which they can only repair through the love they give to each other. Keep this collective love for children all around.

The original image with her friend caption inspired this post.

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