Keep remembering Toni Cade Bambara.

I came across a remembrance of the phenomenal Toni Cade Bambara written by the unconquerable bell hooks. There was so much to unpack that I felt the need to rephrase all that stood out for me to keep. Few have ever written as brilliant as Toni Bambara. Even Toni Morrison once described her as brilliant. She really ways. The below words, are written in her honor and inspired by the piece by bell hooks. May you find her work and keep it for yourself.

Groundbreaking. Black woman. See her gaze. Watch her struggle. Feel the pain. As she kicks the door open. Black woman. See her life. A beacon light. Warm and welcoming. As she loves blackness. Black woman. See her near. Laughing to dissent. Oppositional to resist. Black woman. See her love. Nurtured and sustained. Insights so important. Beginning in self and with self. Black woman. See her transformed. Unconditional acceptance offered. Despite fierce debates. Generous with time and thoughts. Black woman. See her solidarity. Always with people. Justice for everyone. Always willing to sacrifice. Black woman. See her edge. Inventing her life. All on her own terms. Black woman. See her survival. Her capacity to live. Choosing her communities. Living perfectly with imperfections. Black woman.

Remembering Toni Cade Bambara.

See her see. Solitude and order. Everything in place. Appreciating herself for being herself. Black woman. See her thinking. Clarity of speech. Gifts flowing openly. Black woman. See her power. Pleasure of struggles. Encouragement of others. Never let them get you down. Black woman. See her dedication. Journey towards self. Stiring from slumbers. Rising and rescuing ourselves and one another. Black woman. See her brilliance. Optimism and vigilance. Heart of obligation. Black woman. See her imagination. Capacity to reach. Use and power. Giving freely and expecting the same. Black woman. See her vibrant. Full forceful life. Dying and living. Renewing the spirit for the journey ahead. Black woman. See her ready. Peace with life. Faith despite struggle. Peace be still. Living and teaching but reaching other. Black woman. And everything about you will always be ground breaking for looking and seeing Black women as they are.

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