Keep dreams!

Ideas are pure. Often silent. But immaculate. When they know their life giving possibilities, when they go beyond is sterling. Ideas from a life soaked in imagination, soaked in dreams too, are so splendid. Like a serenity for all things pure and immaculate. I am living in a time where ideas born out of my own and a group of people’s imaginations and dreams are like the moon, perfect and full.

We are slowly flowering like trees planted near streams and bearing fruit too. I am also learning too that the most authentic thing about living is our capacity to dream, to create, to transform, and still be greater than our dreams. We are defined by all the ways we dream, all the ways we survive dreams that turn into ideas. Ideas that remain dreams. Either way, these days I am living in moments that defy words. Ideas are the fabric of my life. Those that first began as dreams are leading me to my infinity. A place with no endings. No beginnings too. Just a life living unending dreams. Which is why these days I say, begin always with your dreams.

From Radiant Health Magazine

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